Awesome Experience

What an awesome experience Jim provided.  Not only did we land numerous trout but we had great conversation throughout the day.  Jim is patient, understanding and relaxing.  He works with you and your experience level and adjusts his guiding to your pace. The shore lunch was incredible, the best trout I have ever eaten!

Jim’s ability to move the boat through the river and find the trout was impressive, you can tell he has been at this for awhile.  We caught both native, hatchery trout, cutthroats, small steelhead, and rainbows, all on dry flies, including an 18” native rainbow that fought us for quite some time before we landed it! I would say we were the busiest and most productive boat on the water that day, trout after trout after trout, we caught trout all day. If you want to catch trout from a McKenzie River drift boat with a fun and relaxed atmosphere then Jim Staight is the best guide out there.  Thanks a million Jim and see ya next year!

JJ Hetherington